About time to make a new post

2010-12-22 01:50:43 by Impornant

Well it's almost Christmas.

Anyways, I'd better update things. I broke things off with my girlfriend, who's crazy and clingy, I'm on winter break right now, and I've been accepted to a University. So yea, things have been going pretty well.

Feels weird knowing it's my last year in my High School. I actually had a lot of fun with the people there. Good thing the students at the University I'm going to are known to throw some good parties, so at least I'll have fun there.

So yea, life's good. Merry Christmas, Merry Jewmas, Merry Black Holiday.


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2010-12-22 11:25:32

Thanks for the fav in BG X-MAS

Impornant responds:

No problem! It's a great game!


2010-12-24 22:48:20

Merry Christmas!

Impornant responds:

Why thank you!


2010-12-29 09:24:55

i'm muslim asshole

Impornant responds:

Happy Allah Allah kaboommas.