So Australia...

2010-07-26 04:09:02 by Impornant

Pretty freakin amazing not gonna lie. It's like a redneck United Kingdom. So yea, I felt right at home since I live in Redneck, USA.

Surfing is awesome too. Got up about 3 times all the way. Woo.

Probably gonna move there someday. Shits fucking expensive there though. $2 for a fucking CAN of coke. And not the good coke.

Oh yea, shitpisscockfuck.


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2010-07-30 22:35:41

Sup, Hays.

Impornant responds:

Hello person from the little game things. I can't remember which place you were though :(


2010-08-13 19:28:26


Impornant responds: